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Hi, My name is Robert Logan and I am the owner/creator of Side Hustle Ninjas.  

Like any successful side hustler, I run a number of different entrepreneurial ventures. However, my journey here has been fraught with mistakes, missed opportunities, and wasted time and money.

Through trying many different side hustles, I realized that there is a real difference between having a side hustle and running a successful side hustle business. I learned how to operate my side hustle as a business and make decisions critically based on my objectives and budget, measure the results, and make adjustments.

Today, I run a number of successful side hustles and have an earning over 6 figures.

I started Side Hustle Ninjas so I can help others find the same success I did, without having to go through all the added struggle and strain. 

Side hustling isn’t just a great way to start your own business, in fact, there are many benefits of having an additional income. You can:

  • Save up some money for rainy days
  • Afford a better lifestyle
  • Buy that new car you’ve been eyeing
  • Add to your kids’ college fund
  • Pay off your debts
  • Travel the world
  • And so much more!

No matter what your motivation is, I am here to help. 

Take my 7-step video course to narrow down on the side hustle that matches your skills and talents. You can also browse the tons of side hustle ideas on this site and choose the one that calls out to you.

Already have an epic side hustle idea but don’t know how to start? Don’t worry I have you covered. My Side Hustle Business Mastery Couse is designed to give you actionable tips on time and money management, digital marketing, sales funnel conversion, and much more.



Here’s what our happy customers had to say about our services:

  • Rob is very professional and definitely knows his stuff. He makes it easy to follow along with what he is doing and loves to answer any questions that people may have. His work is of the highest quality. Absolutely would recommend him.

    Darrin Leadbetter
  • I loved it. Rob helped me break down my skills and go from there. This course was simple to use if you are a lot like me and technology is overwhelming. Would recommend this course for anyone looking for your niche and have nowhere to start.

    Sabrina Dey

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