Best Side Hustles For Teachers

Best Part Time Job For Teachers

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How can teachers make more money? If you’re a teacher, you have no doubt asked yourself this very question. You live a busy life, and your schedule changes throughout the year. That’s why starting a side hustle can be a great solution to make extra money as a teacher.


When starting side hustles for teachers, you should first set your goals. Do you want a side job for the summer? Something year-round, or would you like to start a business eventually planning to leave your 9 – 5?


As a teacher, you have a unique skill set that will allow you to succeed in many different niches. It would be best if you took some time to explore many side hustle ideas that match your skills. Find a problem and help solve it. This is how to make a lot of money as a teacher looking for a side business.


You will also want to make sure you are interested in any potential side hustle. If you would like something different after school time, see how you can use your skills to do something else. Or you can use your current skills that fit with a new niche you are interested in.


Here is a list of 10 second jobs for teachers, to help you get started finding the right side hustle opportunity.


Top 10 Side Hustles For Teachers


Become A Tutor


As a teacher, becoming a tutor could be a seamless fit. As you know, there is a lot more to helping someone learn than knowing the subject matter. Your expertise in understanding learning styles and conveying the material so that the child will understand will help ensure that your services are in high demand.


You can use your knowledge in math, science, or English and help children through 1 on 1 or group sessions. You can do private tutoring locally, or you have the flexibility to do it virtually. 


You could also choose to register through a site such as Wyzant or Skooli. These sites will match you with students who need help. You can choose the subjects you can help with along with your availability.


Becoming a tutor can be a lucrative side hustle idea for teachers because you can set your hourly rate. Some tutors earn $50 per hour or more.



Write A Book


Another way to make extra money as a teacher is to put your literary skills to use and write a book. You have many options about what you want to write about with this side business opportunity. 


You use your knowledge and create a curriculum-based book. Other educators could use this book to help them with their classroom curriculum.


You could also choose to write about something completely unrelated to the classroom. If you have a passion or hobby that you could help someone else learn about, writing a book could be a great way to help many people.


You have options for how you would like to publish your book as well. One popular method is Kindle Publishing on Amazon. You can get your book self-published and listed on the world’s biggest marketplace. You can also check out Bob Bly’s Book to learn how to create a Kindle Ebook. 



Become A Virtual Assistant


As a teacher, you have such a diverse skill set that a virtual assistant side hustle could be perfect for you. Your time management, research, and organization skills encompass a lot of what is needed to become a virtual assistant.


Virtual assistants help business owners fulfill various tasks. These tasks could be anything from creating spreadsheets, answering emails, or creating social media posts. Some virtual assistants may also help with customer service duties, such as making phone calls and answering client questions.


One great thing about being a virtual assistant is that you can choose how many hours you have available to work. You can also select your rate of pay. The key is to be upfront about your boundaries with potential clients.


You can find seemingly endless virtual assistant opportunities on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, or


Would you like to learn how to become a virtual assistant? In that case, you can check out the Free Mama Movement, which has helped thousands of people start their own virtual assistant business.



Create An Online Course


Creating online courses is one of the best side jobs for teachers. You can teach about anything you are skilled at and passionate about.


As a teacher, your skillset of being able to be in front of people and engagingly deliver material will go a long way to helping you create successful online courses.


You can get started with a site like Udemy. Udemy is an online platform that hosts courses. Course topics range from technical computer skills, personal development, business, music, finance, and marketing.


To create your course, work backward, with the end in mind. You will decide what outcome your student will get by taking your course. Then you can create your curriculum to ensure you deliver the material that will give them that result. Once your outline is ready, it’s time to film the modules and upload them into Udemy. 


The benefit of hosting your course on Udemy is that they host and market your courses for you in exchange for a share of the profits. Of course, you can also promote your course to your social networks.


You could also decide to create a course and host it on your own. You can use a site like Clickfunnels to help market your course and host the program. This method entails more work by marketing your online course on your own. However, you also get to keep all of the profits.



Start A Blogging Side Hustle


If you have a subject you are passionate about, and you love to write, then blogging could be an excellent way to make some extra money on the side. 


Your experience as a teacher means you have a lot of information and likely funny stories to share. You could start your blog and create a following through your stories. Once you build a following, you can then add affiliate offers of products or services related to what you are talking about.


Another way for teachers to make more money blogging is by writing material for blog sites. This way doesn’t involve keeping up with your site maintenance. You can submit articles and get paid by how many people read them. You can register with a site like Medium to get started.


Blogging also offers you the ability to work from wherever you are, and you can decide how much time you would like to commit to it. 


It doesn’t matter if you want to earn some extra money for the summer or create a blogging side business to help with the bills. Starting your own blog or writing for someone else can help you achieve it.



Become An Affiliate Marketer


As a teacher, your schedule changes during the year. If having a side gig that you can work on year-round interests you, then affiliate marketing may be a great option.


Affiliate marketing involves selling other company’s products or services. Selling products or services owned by others is an excellent option because you don’t have to spend time on creation, fulfillment, or support. 


You find people interested in the products or services you promote and tell them about them. You can do this by providing reviews of the products or services if you happen to own them. 


Doing reviews helps people visualize what they are getting and understand if it is the right fit for them. If they decide to purchase what you are promoting, you get an affiliate commission.


Almost any product or service that you use will have an affiliate program that you can register for. All you have to do to find affiliate programs is to go to their website and scroll to the bottom. Most companies will have an affiliate program link where you can apply. You can also send an email to any company to ask if they have a referral program.



Start A Flipping Business


Starting a flipping business can be a great side hustle for teachers looking to make some extra money.


Flipping is the process of buying something at a bargain price and selling it to someone else at a markup. You can even get started flipping with items that you currently own, such as old clothes.


You can find and sell items on eBay or Craigslist. You can even go to local flea markets to find great deals on things that you can turn around at a profit. Finding old furniture and fixing it up is a great way to create unique pieces instead of selling the same items as everyone else.


Another great flipping opportunity exists within the Amazon FBA program. You find items and have them shipped to Amazon, who then handles all of the shipping and customer service for the products. You also have the benefit of listing your items on Amazon’s marketplace.


There is no limit to what you could flip to make a side business. Here are some ideas to get you started…


  • Used Clothing
  • Video Games
  • Antique Furniture
  • Jewelry
  • Sports Cards
  • Power Tools
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Event Tickets



Teach English As A Second Language


As a teacher, you are uniquely qualified to help teach English as a second language. Mastery of the English language is only part of the equation. Your ability to help children learn by understanding how to communicate with them can go a long way.


You can get started teaching English as a second language with a site like VIPKid. They match students from China with teachers from the US or Canada, that can help them. 


Teaching English as a second language is a rewarding service. You also have the opportunity to expand your skillset by working with children who don’t know the language to begin with.


One of the benefits of working with VIPKid is that you can work from home. Another benefit is that you can set your schedule. This allows you to have some much-needed flexibility.


By teaching English as a second language through VIPKid, you have the opportunity to earn between $14 – $22 per hour.



Become A Camp Counsellor


If you want to continue to work with children, then becoming a camp counselor can be one of the best summer job opportunities for teachers.


As a teacher, you already know how to create a curriculum. You know how to execute your lesson plans, and you have plenty of supervising groups of children.


Summer camp is an integral part of a child’s development. By becoming a camp counselor, you can continue to help children’s emotional and social development all year round.


A great benefit for a teacher is the ability to be outdoors. After a long school year in a classroom, this can be a fun and freeing position to help you create some money on the side.



Start A Child Care Or Babysitting Service


If you love your work because you love working with children, you could start your child care service. Your skills as a teacher include patience, empathy, and child development, making you a great candidate to care for children. 


A childcare side hustle for teachers works well with your available hours. Whether it is nights, weekends, or even a summertime gig, you can make it work around your teaching duties.


One benefit of a babysitting side hustle is that you get to help children develop confidence and life skills that will carry forward throughout their lives.


Another benefit is that it can be a very stable side gig. Parents want to have someone they can trust with their children, so if you bond well with their child, you’re likely to have that position as long as you want it or until the child grows out of needing care.


Whether you want to make a little extra money on the side during the school year or find a summer job, a side hustle offers an excellent opportunity for teachers.



Feel free to share any of your ideas in the comments below.


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